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Rising Popularity of Betting on Esports vs Traditional Sports


In April 2021, football giant Florentino Perez infamously defended the proposed creation of a European Super League, saying "the football business model has evolved" and that "individuals must be able to bet on the results of matches without being monitored." In February 2022, the first-ever match of this new league was played. In 2019, esports betting had boomed from $8.7 billion in 2018 to $418 billion by 2027. The popularity of this emergent form of gambling has driven its shares up to a valuation over sports like golf, horse racing, and basketball.

Esports betting has expanded from a relatively niche market to a massive global one, with many variables that make it ripe for predictions on the outcomes of matches. Betting volume is driven by worldwide expansion, increased complexity, and accessibility, as well as popularizing the idea of esports betting among early adopters.

Traditional sports fans are starting to bet more on esports by the day. However, there still need to be more credible. The lack of regulation for esports betting and its unregulated nature makes it more vulnerable to exploitation by nefarious elements. To ensure that bettors are protected from bad actors, the growth and success of esports betting need to be acknowledged and regulated. The amount of money wagered for traditional sports is approaching $500 billion annually. Predicting the outcomes of these matches is difficult due to the complexity, the unknown variables, and the sharp swings in the odds. For esports, it's a different story. By analyzing match statistics, player statistics, and team performance over time, machine learning can predict matches with an average accuracy of 80%.

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Rising Popularity of Sports Betting


1.    With confidence in the data's authenticity

Understanding that data is essential for making cash in the betting industry is crucial to appreciate the importance of the emergence of sports betting. You, as a bookmaker, should ideally know the result of a live bet the instant it occurs. If the result of a bet is known to bettors before you do, you may lose money if there is any gap between the occurrence of the event and the betting community getting this knowledge.

2.    The Next Generation of Live Betting

As a result of sports' special nature, bookmakers have immediate access to all data relating to games, and they can receive this data in real-time. This has fueled the development of sports gambling as bookies can now provide a variety of live bets with minimum effort. There is a limit to the intricacy of in-play betting that can be accommodated in traditional sports before it becomes unfeasible for bookmakers to monitor and report results by hand.

3.    Superior, in-the-moment probability analysis

There are two key reasons sports can benefit from implementing machine learning: (1) it is machine-based, and (2) it creates large volumes of data. The first benefit of this boost in competition is that it will force bookies to predict upcoming games' outcomes better before they begin. Second, in-game algorithms can instantly respond to changing conditions, adjusting players' odds of winning in real-time.

4.    Exciting, nuanced methods of wagering

Study the sport thoroughly to increase your chances of winning a wager at a sporting event. Supporters of Formula One, a great tactical example of a classic sport, may consider factors such as climate, track layout, and vehicle beginning position when predicting race results. Since F1 cars are mechanical, gamblers have access to data like type management and fuel usage, which gives them an edge over conventional sports such as basketball, where they have no idea if a player is tired or has run out of steam. 

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Rising Popularity of Betting on Esports vs Traditional Sports

  In April 2021, football giant Florentino Perez infamously defended the proposed creation of a European Super League, saying "the foot...